The Board of the Tajik National University, in order to implement the educational policy of the Founder of Peace and National Unity – the Leader of the Nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon, in the direction of the study of natural science and exact sciences, timed to coincide with the announcement of the “Twentieth Anniversary of the Study and Development of Natural Sciences, Exact and Mathematical Subjects in the Field of Science and Education (2020-2040)”, using the scientific and educational base and technical base, held the International Internet Chemistry Olympiad among students of higher professional educational institutions

The Olympiad started today, with the participation of the Rector of the University, Professor Khushvakhtzoda K.Kh. During the event, it was emphasized that turning to scientific pursuits, especially natural and mathematical sciences, is a reliable step for the sustainable economic development of any country and ensuring the competitiveness of this country on the world arena. Because at a new stage of development, the role of science and scientific thinking in solving any socio-economic and fundamental issues is very important. It was emphasized that the administration of the Tajik National University, taking into account all the achievements and successes of the Faculty of Chemistry of the University, in order to develop chemical thinking, popularize the scientific worldview, gain access to methods and technologies, expand innovation, thus linking science with practice, attracting more students to study subject of chemistry, as well as finding and presenting new talents in this field, for the first time launched an online chemistry olympiad.

In his speech, Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation, Professor Safarmamadzoda S.M. and teacher of the Faculty of Chemistry Sobirov Kh. presented detailed information on the procedure for holding this Internet Olympiad. As reported, 127 participants from 50 higher educational institutions from 8 countries will take part in this Olympiad.
We remind you that the International Internet Chemistry Olympiad will be held today and tomorrow.

Employee of the Information and Analytical Center of TNU, Professor Saidzoda Kh.